Snooki To Give First TV Interview About Her Pregnancy And Engagement

Snooki stays hydrated while strolling through Jersey City.

Before last week's issue of Us Weekly hit stands--you know, the one that announced a certain "Jersey Shore" guidette's pregnancy and engagement--Little Miss Snooki had been keeping mum about the mini-meatball in her oven. We spent a good amount of time pondering the rumors and even created a fun composite of what we thought her and Jionni's love child would look like, but we were on pins and needles waiting for confirmation.

Now we get it, of course. The reason for all the secrecy. In the article, Snooks explained that she wanted to follow the unwritten rule of pregnancy, in which a woman doesn't let the cat outta the bag till the three-month mark. The mag's feature was pretty comprehensive, with Snooki even sharing her reaction to the sonogram ("It looks like an alien!"), and now, the expecting mom will continue the conversation on MTV.

During Thursday night's finale preshow (begins at 7:30/6:30c), Nicole will give her first filmed interview about the pregnancy and engagement.  She and her roommates will join "Jersey Shore After Hours" host Amy Paffrath to ring in the last episode of Season 5 and talk about all the baby-mama drama. ALL of it. Don't miss the big event!

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Photo: Mejia/Asadorian/Splash News