Epilogue: Daniel's Got A Girlfriend, But Wes And Red Are Done


By the time Danger and Tony boarded a flight for California and the Ring Rulers season came to an end on "Caged," the show's amateur fighters had changed a tremendous amount. But where do they stand now? Well, glad you asked. Thanks to a Season 1 epilogue, we have a pretty good idea.

Cameras catch up with Wes, Red, Danger and Daniel three months after the finale in the bonus video below, and it's clear the group has come far from where it started. Though Wes and Red looked as if they might have come together for the long haul toward the end of the season, they say their relationship has fallen apart again. Perpetually single Daniel, on the other hand, has found a solid girlfriend in a blind date named Becca, who has opened him up tremendously. And Matt, the guy who finally got a chance to fight for a living, struggles to leave his family behind when it's finally time to head westward and start a new life. Don't worry, though--his mother assures him he'll still get five or so phone calls each day to make sure he's in check.

+ Watch the video to see where the guys and Red are at, and tell us what you think will come next!

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