Daniel Of 'Caged' Kicks A Fellow Partygoer To The Curb [Video]

He might get nervous around chicks and pay his mother regular visits, but nice guy Daniel of "Caged" can put up the dukes when he needs to--particularly if he catches you puking on girls at a party. Don't say we didn't warn you!

The "Golden Boy" recently posted a video to YouTube in which he plays the role of house-party bouncer. After noticing a sloshed invitee get sick all over the couch (and those sitting on it), Daniel barely bats an eye before picking the guy up, dragging him to the front door and throwing his drunk ass down the front stairs. HEYOOOO! Warranted, we suppose, except Daniel said he later discovered the guy's sickness was actually the result of having been pepper-sprayed as a prank. Do they make an "Apologies for tossing you into the front yard like a sack of potatoes while your eyes were burning!" card?

+ Check out the video below for proof that this all-American boy has got some bite, and make sure to see how "Caged" ends on the season finale tonight at 10/9c!

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