Mike vs. Snooki: Who Won The 'Jersey Shore' Food Fight?

"Don't throw those pickles, they're fresh," declared Mike after a fuming Snooki catapulted edibles at his head during tonight's episode of "Jersey Shore." And that was just the beginning of what would become the most epic food fight the Seaside kitchen has ever seen.

It may have started with all eight cast members, but only two were left soaked in dairy products and ketchup at the end of the night. Round after round, Snooks and Mike tossed the contents of their entire fridge at each other, throughout every area of the house. The other roommates had no intention of taking part in the hot dog frenzy--Pauly was concerned with keeping his kicks kosher--but it seemed the two former friends had some pent-up anger to set free.

The food fight was pretty intense, but was there actually a winner? Take the poll, then check out a clip from this week's "Jersey Shore Hook-up," where host Kenny Santucci asks Snooki whether or not she got her frustration out during their brawl. After four months of putting up with Mike's taunting, she loved finding a way to release. "They couldn't fistfight so they needed another form of war," Vinny explains.

Mike vs. Snooki: Who won the food fight?

  • Mike
  • Snooki
  • I call a tie.

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