'Punk'd' Peek: The Biebs Sets Out To Humilate Rob Dyrdek [Video]

Though Rob Dyrdek is generally the authority on pranks and tomfoolery, the tables will turn when "Punk'd" returns March 29. The "Fantasy Factory" frontman is about to get a taste of his own medicine, courtesy of teen dream Justin Bieber.

In the promo below, our resident hell-raiser is enjoying a nice alfresco dinner with Sean Kingston when suddenly a car zips up off of the street, over a sidewalk and into the restaurant. The look of shock and horror on Rob's face is nothing short of "ridiculousness," and it is very clear--even with only a few seconds to judge--that The Biebs has successfully pulled the wool over the guy's eyes. Rob may not fear a charging bull, but apparently an economy sedan is a whole different story.

+ Check out the clip and make sure to tune in to "Punk'd" when it returns to MTV on March 29 at 10/9c.

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