5 Random Acts Of Kindness Displayed By...'The Situation'?

Mike has spent half of the season threatening to drop the "I smushed Snooki" bomb on Jionni, so it's always weird when the "Jersey Shore" self-proclaimed "bad guy" whips out his softer side and goes out of his way to help his roommates. And since it looks like Mr. Six-Pack is actually going to follow through with his threat and tell Jionni about his girlfriend's alleged infidelity, this might be the perfect time to reflect on the times Mike wasn't causing trouble. Let's take a look at his five random acts of kindness.

1. Hooking His Boys Up With DTFs: Sitch helped his fellow single men out and rounded up a trio of ladies to divvy up between the dudes one night at the club. Vinny and Pauly D were shocked to find "Situation" in a sharing mood, but not too shocked to turn down his offer--everyone got the bed rocking that night.

2. Calling For Cabs: Not only did Mike locate the three DTFs, but he made sure they found their way to a taxi before morning. All the other dudes had to do was lie back and enjoy a not-so-cramped sleep in their single beds, while Mike handled the travel arrangements.

3. Feeding The Masses: Situation kept up the sweet acts, ordering all his housemates breakfast one morning when he awoke before everyone else. Sure, he didn't serve it to them in bed on a silver platter, but ordering bagels is about as close to white-glove service that you'll get at Seaside. Mike even remembered Ronnie's favorite Gatorade flavor. Awww.

4.Working For His Money: Situation didn't just leave his occasional good manners at home, he brought them to work, too. Mike shocked the entire Shore Store one day when he spent a shift pressing Ts like a mad man. We're not sure what got into him, but Danny loved it.

5. Acting Chivalrous: Mike isn't one to settle down and get serious with a Shore chick. That's why it was weirdly cute to watch him do special things for Paula. We've seen him remember her birthday, turn down other girls for her and even disclose some personal info. It certainly isn't monogamy, but it may be the closest to it he'll ever get.

+ We want to hear your favorite Mr. Nice Guy moments, so let us know what you think about Sitch's softer side in the comments.

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