'Challenge' Cast Members That Cheated On Their Significant Others

What happens at "The Challenge"...doesn't stay there. Sorry, guys, this isn't Vegas--your monogamy missteps are always caught on camera. Thanks to batches of sexually charged contestants, paradise-like locations and film crews rolling 24/7, we've witnessed plenty of "Challenge" ladies and gents cheating on their sig others back at home. Below, check out a few players who've snagged some jiggy on the side.

Paula: This veteran always seems to find a man to innocently fondle during her "Challenge" adventures. But her "Battle of the Exes" tryst with Ty is rife with scandal, as she already has an admiring man at home. Well, had.

Jasmine:  Tyrie's mojo caught Jazzy's eye on "Rivals." Before the two became total enemies, they shared a few sloppy kisses (and possibly more). The rest of the house seemed to be OK with it, but we bet Jasmine's boyfriend wasn't.

Dunbar: Watch it, "Challenge" women! We have a serial offender on our hands. Dunbar got a naughty rep during "Real World: Sydney" for pushing the limits with Ashli while he had a girlfriend back home. The dude only got worse after that, engaging in questionable cuddle sessions with Paula AND Kim during "The Ruins." That is one forgiving chica you got there, D-Bar.

Johanna: We'll give the girl some credit--she isn't an outright cheater. But she made it clear that things with "Challenge" alum Wes were done for good when she romped and rolled with Kenny on "The Island," and, well, there were definitely signs of leftover feelings while she was teamed up with both guys during "The Ruins."

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