6 Must-Have Gifts For Snooki's Baby Shower

We were front and center at Snooki's first pouf demonstration, and we sat by her side in the the makeup chair before every "Jersey Shore Hook-up" shoot, so who better to throw the mom-to-be a baby shower than us, Team Remote Control? Below are six perfect gifts to celebrate Snooki's pregnancy, if she'll allow us to coordinate the party. (Be nice to us, and you might even get an invite.)

1. The Army Digital Camo Fleece Blanket in Olive Camo by Rothco ($30)

Newborns are always being swaddled in blankies, but what about the moms that are up all night doing the swaddling? This one's perfect for the print-crazed meatball to curl up under.

2. "This Is What An Italian Kid Looks Like" Onesie ($14.95)

In case there's any question about who's genetically responsible for creating such an adorable child, this onesie will clear that right up.

3. Sydney Evan OMG Necklace ($1,060)

This piece of 14k gold bling boasts a hefty price, but for Nicole's friends that are rolling in dough, dropping 1K for an "OMG" necklace is nothing. Plus, it totally conveys their first reactions.

4. Vans 'Cheetah' Slip-On ($26.95)

Once Snionni's offspring starts crawling and walking, he/she's going to need some spiffy kicks to keep up with mommy and daddy's fashions. These are perfect for any stylish Seaside toddler.

5. Zebra Zoo Pack ($20)

This satchel for kids also makes a great diaper bag, because let's face it, Snooks isn't the type of guidette to walk around town with a fugly Pampers carrier.

6. Patricia Ann Designs Snow Leopard Burpcloth Set ($49.30)

Maybe their newborn's got indigestion, or maybe Jionni has too much to drink and can't get to a bathroom quick enough. Either way, these burpcloths will go perfectly in her discreet diaper tote.

+ Find out Snooki's due date and hear fan reactions at MTV News.

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