'Caged' Sneak Peek: The Guys Face The Biggest Fights Of Their Lives

Well, friends, it's all come down to this: After a season of triumphs, setbacks and broken bones, the guys of "Caged" are set to fight for their lives, and if they manage to impress a UFC legend, they might finally be able to make a living doing what they love. The pressure is on, and it's on thick.

In the below sneak peek of the season finale, the biggest crowd yet gathers at the biggest venue the UFC hopefuls have ever seen to watch Danger, Daniel and Wes duke it out for the chance to fight professionally. "I hope they want to go out there and compete as warriors," Christian says as friends and family adorned in novelty T-shirts scream out from the stands.

The guys have terror written all over their faces as they mentally prepare for their matches in the locker room, but when they walk out and find Tito Ortiz watching intently just behind the octagon's chain-link fence, they'll have no choice but to suck it up and dig deep.

+ Check out the video of the preshow goings-on and tell us what you think will happen when the final bell sounds!

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