The 'Jersey Shore' Housemates React To Snooki's Pregnancy

Where were you when John F. Kennedy was shot you learned that Snooki was pregnant? Did you text your gossip-crazed friends a snide "I told you so," or has it not even sunk in yet? Well, whatever you did, we're sure it didn't beat the wide range of reactions displayed by her "Jersey Shore" housemates, which varied from shock, to awe, to utter despair. Take a look:

Mike was crushed to hear his first love was off the market for real.

Vin was all, 'Good for them. Let go, let God.'

Deena lost it when she heard that her meatball was having a meatball.

Pauly was a little pissed when he heard that his DJ skills wouldn't be needed at the baby's baptism.

Sammi reflected back on the discomfort of an ear piercing, wondering how it compares with labor pains.

The self-proclaimed mom of the house was proud of her little munchkin.

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