Vinny's Uncle Nino Gives His Take On Birth Control [Video]

He's known to "Jersey Shore" fans as Vinny's endearing yet off-his-rocker uncle, but that doesn't mean Nino lacks a serious side. Dude's paying close attention to politics lately, particularly since there's a GOP nomination up in the air after Super Tuesday.

Of particular concern to Uncle Nino are mandated birth control subsidies, as we learned when he stopped by his nephew's "What's On My Mind" video series to discuss Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown University law student who testified before Congress that the government should cover certain birth control costs. For her efforts, right-wing talk show host Rush Limbaugh infamously called the woman a "slut" and demanded that if his tax dollars cover her birth control, she should be forced into filming videos that he can watch. Nino's take? "Just stop f***ing." Ah, glad that's settled. Next: universal health care! "Just stop falling off your bike and sh**." (OK, we took some liberties with that one, but we're probably not too far off.)

+ Check out the YouTube video below for the most important political insight out there, and tell us what you think of Nino's suggestions.

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