5 Habits Pregnant Snooki Will Need To Nix From Her Daily Life [Video]

Snooki wears a distracting print to cover up her baby bump just a day before the official announcement.

Now that Snooki's pregnancy has been confirmed, we begin to wonder how the reigning Princess of Poughkeepsie's daily life will take a turn. In order to give birth to a happy, healthy meatball, America's favorite "Jersey Shore" guidette has a few habits to kick. Here, five risky behaviors Snooks has hopefully already 86ed.

1. Getting Sh**faced And Talking About Becoming A Cat

As seen on MTV, Snooks has a penchant for binging on alcohol and pretending she's a member of the feline pack. We hear close proximity to cat litter isn't good for a baby. Nor are tequila shots.

2. Doing Belly Flops

As entertaining as it is to see a meatball stick a landing on a beanbag chair, we don't think this particular move is going to benefit the little bun in her oven.

3. Smoking In Yoga Class

Prenatal fitness is recommended, but not while inhaling cancer-causing grossness! She should opt for a honey stick or some other yogi-friendly snack, like meatballs brown rice balls.

4. Cutting Off Oxygen As A Test Of Strength

Asphyxiation of any kind--even as a joke--can be deadly. Let's definitely lose this one completely and maybe take up underwater swimming after the delivery date.

5. Riding A Roller Coaster

The sudden movements created by any amusement park ride can be dangerous for the little one growing inside because it can cause premature separation from the uterus. TMI?

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Photo: Arnaldo Magnani/Getty Images

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