Vinny And Pauly Take Their Bromance To A Whole 'Nother Level [Bonus Scene]

The Smush Room has been and will always be a sacred space filled with visible bits of lust, soiled sheets and a pinch of regret. It's as integral to the structure of the Shore house as are clogged toilets and cans of bronzer, so when Jenni took it upon herself during Episode 9 to tweak the DNA of the "Jersey Shore" chamber and turn it into a velvety boudoir, she really rattled some feathers.

In the below bonus scene, best buds Pauly and Vinny are so fed up with being outnumbered by couples that they just give into the power of love. On their walk home one night, Pauly surprises his jert-wearing buddy by leading him upstairs to the new and improved Smush Room, which, thanks to Jenni, is now covered in rose petals and tubes of Di**alicious.

And Team PV weren't the only ones irritated with the amount of committed couples in the house. In our second clip, the single people escape the love nest by heading out to Jenks. Deena's the only chick in the group, but she makes do by recruiting new friends and peeing with them. Anything to get away from all the baby talk back at home.

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