The 'Psycho Sweet 16' Killer Has The Party In A Panic [Sneak Peek]

As we pointed out last week, Skye Rotter may be the most unlucky human being on the planet. Still, she won't be the only one in the line of fire when "My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 3" rolls around. A certain stalker is out for her blood, but other invitees will sate him until he manages to get his hands on the party girl.

In the two sneak peek videos below, Alex, Skye's estranged sister, and her boyfriend, Leo, struggle to lock their eyes on a stealthy murderer while walking across the blood-soaked mansion's balcony. Elsewhere, Alex's good friend, Ami, can't seem to get the attention of skeptical police after she realizes the danger she's in. It turns out two previous rounds of "Sweet 16" hell-raising have elicited many-a-prank call to the authorities, but as a panicked Ami can attest, the terror is no joke.

+ Check out the clips below, tune in for the premiere next Tuesday, March 13, at 10/9c and visit the film's Facebook page to find out how to win tickets to the MTV Movie Awards!

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