What Should Snooki Call Her Maybe-Baby?

Still no update on whether the pregnancy rumors are true, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun while contemplating the prospect of a baby meatball. We’ve already created a composite of what we think Snooki and Jionni’s child would look like, so in our skewed blogger logic, the next step is to brainstorm potential names. Below, we’ve put together a list of traditional Italian names with their corresponding meanings — tell us if you think any of them would do the trick.

If it’s a…GIRL!

Name: Adriana
Meaning: Dark one
Reminds us of: GTL, emphasis on the T

Name: Aurora
Meaning: Dawn
Reminds us of: Snooki’s bedtime

Name: Paola
Meaning: Small
Reminds us of: Snooki and Jionni’s matching measurements

Name: Chianti
Meaning: Red wine
Reminds us of: That time in Florence when Snooki threw a wine bottle at Mike’s head

Name: Caprice
Meaning: Unpredictable
Reminds us of: That time in Miami when Snooki suddenly decided that Angelina deserved an ass-whooping

Name: Bea
Meaning: Bringer of Joy
Reminds us of: Bea Arthur, may she rest in peace

If it’s a…BOY!

Name: Errol
Meaning: To Wander
Reminds us of: All of the times Team Meatball wandered away from the Shore Store to do tequila shots

Name: Vincenzo
Meaning: Conquerer
Reminds us of: That time Snooki slept with Vinny 20 seconds after she broke up with Jionni

Name: Anthony
Meaning: Priceless
Reminds us of: All of the times we used said word to refer to Snooki and Deena’s meatball antics

Name: Rolando
Meaning: Famed throughout the land
Reminds us of: The fact that Snooki’s rumored pregnancy is front-page news

Name: Mario
Meaning: Of Mars
Reminds us of: Snooki’s home planet.

Name: Guido
Meaning: Does it matter?
Reminds us of: Mike, Pauly D, Vinny, Ronnie and every other guy at Karma

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