'Jersey Shore' vs. 'American Reunion' Dance Battle! Who's Got The Sicker Moves?

There was a time when the most shocking thing we'd ever seen on-screen was a nerdy kid nailing an apple pie. Come to think of it, that's still pretty damn shocking. But 10 years later, the guidos and guidettes of "Jersey Shore" arrived and gave the fresh- and much paler-faced "American Pie" cast a run for its money. It's hard to say whether Vinny's lesbian threesome holds up to Finch's scandalous tryst with Stifler's mom--apples to oranges, ya know?--but we can definitely make an objective decision when it comes to these guys' dancing abilities.

In the below music video for "Lucky (featuring Dave Days)" from The Midi Mafia, the cast of the upcoming "American Reunion" film, which premieres April 6, and America's favorite reality TV stars strut their stuff on the dance floor (who knew Sitch was capable of more than the fist pump?). We wanna know which crew you think has the better moves. Watch the dance battle, then take the poll!

[poll name="jerseyshore_032312_lisa" question_count="2"]

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