Jo From 'Teen Mom 2' Talks About His Rap Song 'Life Of A Teen Father'

We don't spend much time focusing on the fathers of "Teen Mom" and "Teen Mom 2," but they have personal struggles all their own, and that's what prompted Kailyn's ex-boyfriend, Jo, to seek an outlet. His life changed drastically after his son Isaac was born, and as we saw in some episodes, Jo turned to music as a form of self-expression. Rapping under the name N.I.C.K. b, which stands for Nerd In A Cool Kid's Body, the young dad recently talked with us about his revealing rap song, "Life of a Teen Father."

When did you start rapping?

It's been about five years now. It's something that's been around me my whole life. It's an escape.

What is the core message of "Life of a Teen Father"?

Basically it's my story of the struggles I went through, from the life-altering decisions I had to make, to my family falling apart. I believe all teen dads go through the same thoughts and have to make the same decisions I talked about in the first verse. Some choose themselves, some are less selfish, some are in between. But it goes to show that the struggle is there for us dads, too. I think I spoke my side perfectly.

Has Kailyn heard "Life of a Teen Father"?

Yeah, she heard it, though I'm not sure what she thinks of it. She seemed kind of in shock, especially since I dropped it without warning in the car one day and she slowly realized what it was. She was a bit emotional.

+ Check out Jo's music video for "Life Of A Teen Father" and be sure to let us know what you think of it.

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