Deena Enlists Pauly And JWOWW To Blow Off Her Suspicious Date [Sneak Peek]

We cheered on Deena as she merped in ecstasy throughout her first smush of the season--as y'all know, the "Jersey Shore" meatball doesn't give up her golden ticket easily, and she'd been experiencing a dry spell ever since Italy--but in the below sneak peek of Thursday night's new episode, we find out that D's housemates are disappointed in her picker.

After a mighty assault of peer pressure, Deena relinquishes control to Pauly, Vinny and JWOWW, who are adamant that the gullible guidette's latest hookup, Joey, has dishonest intentions. "This is not the right kid for you," says Pauly. "Stop wasting your time." But Joey's already on his way over to take Deena out on a date she initiated herself. She's scared to stand him up face to face, so she recruits her protective housemates to brush him off. Via the trusty duck phone, first Pauly relays that Deena is sick, but when that white lie doesn't go over well, Jenni steps in to fill in the gaps, telling him that he's not worthy of her baby sister. "When I smell a snake I call him out on it," she says in a sugary tone. Good lookin' out, big sis.

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