4 Possible Reasons Angelina Popped By The 'Jersey Shore'

Trying to travel back to the time when Angelina was a member of the "Jersey Shore" family is like trying to remember when Juicy Couture sweats were popular. But just like the pink terry-cloth pants (with "Juicy" embarrassingly embroidered on the rear) hidden in the back of your closet, the Staten Island native's summer residency in Seaside was a real thing--there's no denying it. 'Course, Angie's no longer on the show, so what the freak was she doing at Karma during last week's episode? Here are some possibilities.

1. She's Still In Love With Pauly

Get in line, girlfriend. Angie probably heard there was another girl making a play for the DJ's heart, so she slipped on her finest Bebe dress and tried to put Vanessa to shame. That didn't work out, as Pauly gave his old roommate barely 2 seconds of his time.

2. She Wanted A Rematch With Snooki

It was one of the sickest fights in "Shore" history. Back in Miami, Snooki just couldn't stand the sight of her nemesis any longer, so she removed her earrings and went at her like a squirrel monkey. A winner was never declared, but since both amateur athletes have since gotten their wrestling feet wet, Pivarnick probably wanted to finally prove who the better fighter is by going another round.

3. She Was Dying To Show Off Her Engagement Ring

Oh wait...she must've had to give it back, huh?

4. She Wanted Another 15 Minutes In the Spotlight

What better way to resuscitate your promising singing career and promote your upcoming stint on VH1's "Couples Therapy" than by showing up in Seaside and stealing a little camera time? This idea didn't pan out as planned, though we gotta say, it kinda would have been fun to see more of her.

+ What do you think Angie was doing at the Shore? Sound off in the comments and share your own theories!

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