4 Things The 'Challenge' Pool Is Good For Other Than Swimming

Water is said to have a soothing quality, but when you enter a "Challenge" backyard, all bets are off. It seems like whenever a competitor steps foot into a swimming pool, crazy things happen--and it rarely has anything to do with the breaststroke. Here are four things we've caught "Challenge" casties doing in the deep end:

Making Up: Sometimes the rough waters can actually calm a tricky relationship, at least that's what happened to Johnny and Camila in "Battle of the Exes." The former flings put the Brazilian's boozy outburst behind them and started off fresh thanks to a little water wading. Maybe everyone should take couples therapy poolside.

Hooking Up: Sarah and Vinny let the hot tub steam things up for them during "Fresh Meat II." Their spit-swapping started off innocently--the two were just letting their muscles relax in hot temps, but the next thing they knew, their tongues were doing laps in each other's mouths.

Skinny Dipping: Want to have some real fun in the sun and stay ready for the next challenge? Go skinny-dipping! Laurel and some of the other "Rivals" girls benefited cardiovascular by engaging in an aquatic workout, and the guys, well, they got to sit back and watch an interesting show. Va-Va-Voom. No wonder they put a pool in every "Challenge" pad.

Bonding: Want to make new friends? Try throwing them into a pool. That's the tactic Evan and Tyrie tried out with Jasmine on "Rivals." The "Challenge" friendship ritual worked out well for Tyrie, earning him some "face" time with feisty Jasmine later on. By the time the pair appeared on "Exes," however, Tyrie was more likely to get a fist to the face. Zing!

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