JWOWW Explains The Ins And Outs Of Her Clone-A-P**sy [Video]

"Jersey Shore" has never been a family show, but tonight’s episode took the drrrtyness to a whole new level when JWOWW made a sex shop stop and picked herself up something called a Clone-A-P**sy. Yes, a Clone-A-P**sy. It was her one-year anniversary with Roger, and, you know, what better way to celebrate than present him with the gift of a second vagina?

Confused about how a C-A-P works? So was Kenny Santucci, so he asked Jenni to please explain the moldable contraption during our latest "Jersey Shore Hook-Up." She was more than happy to share the intimate details of her sex life, though her hand gestures proved more instructional than her words. "I was gonna clone mine [hand gesture]. It was a joke me and Nicole had when we were in Italy because we spent months away from 'em, that you have the d**do [hand gesture], penis [hand gesture] and the clone [hand gesture]," she stutters. "We were in Seaside. There’s no romantic place for nice cards and things like that so I figured I’d do it the opposite way." The only problem is that Roger actually decided to keep it classy and go the whole chocolates, Italian restaurant and teddy bear route, so she kinda/sorta ended up looking like a crazed nympho in comparison. Whatever, there are worse things.

Did Jenni and Roger ever use the questionable Clone-A-P**sy? Watch this clip from the "Hook-up" to find out.

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