Vinny Reserves The Right To Have Sex With Snooki AND JWOWW [Video]

Many of you "Jersey Shore" fans (81 percent, to be exact) were holding out hope that something more (i.e. sex) would materialize from Snooki and Vinny's little boardwalk date--they really do make a cute elderly couple--but, alas, there was no hitting the Smush Room upon their arrival back to the house on tonight's episode.

For viewers, the sexual tension between the former friends-with-bennies was palpable, although Snooks takes a cue from Season 2's Ronnie in our latest "Jersey Shore Hook-Up" when she denies denies denies any lingering attraction whatsoever. Luckily, Vin's on hand to steer the conversation back to reality, admitting to Kenny Santucci that there was indeed sexual tension between them, and that he'd happily "throw her a bone" if things don't work out with Jionni (or probably even if they do, if history is any indication). He backs himself into a corner when the rest of the cast prods him for more of an explanation, and eventually it's dragged out of the poor guy that he would never rule out another roll in the hay with his ol' pal Snooks, or even a playdate with JWOWW and her Clone-A-P**sy. Check out the clip:

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