Kristin Cavallari's Baby Bump Has Suddenly Doubled In Size [Photos]

Kristin Cavallari strikes a curvaceous pose before getting into her limo.

She was the "It Girl" as a teenager and even managed to land the popular football star in her 20s, and now former "Hills" star Kristin Cavallari is a glowing pregnant woman on her way to the altar. Not a bad story, especially since she also happens to be the hottest almost-mama in Hollywood.

Oh, you didn't get the "She's PREGNANT!" memo? Well, you should be coming here more regularly, though to be fair, her teeny-weeny baby bump from early February appeared more like monthly bloating. But a funny thing happened in a very short period of time--the size of K-Cav's belly multiplied like Gremlins. We've got the pics to prove it, as well as a tweet that acknowledges the sudden spurt: "My stomach literally grew double overnight!! This belly came out of nowhere!" she posted yesterday. Must be a jock cooking in there.

+ Check out these shots of Kristin on her way to host E!'s Academy Awards preshow in L.A. and share what you think she'll be like as a mom.

Just beautiful.

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Photos: Fern/Splash News

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