Snooki And JWOWW Get A Feel For Their New Neighborhood [Photos]

Snooki and JWOWW park it in front of their new home.

Finally! After a lengthy wait and some bare-bones photos, Snooki and JWOWW of "Jersey Shore" have been spotted outside of their new digs in Jersey City. And by the looks of things, they might still be worn out from moving day. Cheer up, girls! You're in The Big Apple! Or, like, pretty close to it.

The matchy-matchy duo (they must get their hair colored at the same salon) recently soaked up some winter sun in front of their new apartment as filming for their "Shore" spin-off got under way. After some laughs, a few funny faces and the chance for paps to catch the two in all of their multi-toned glory, Snooks and Jenni took to the streets of their new city and got a feel for the neighborhood. Somehow, though, they couldn't find time to stop into a certain wine shop for some celebratory Merlot. Weird...

+ Check out the photos of Snooki and JWOWW getting acquainted with Jersey City, and tell us what you're hoping to see from the girls in their upcoming spin-off.

The BFFs share a laugh outside their bright red garage door.

Jenni and Nicole do a little exploring in the cold.

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Photos: Mejia/Asadorian/Splash News