Vinny Betrays His Guido Roots, Wears Plaid Jert [Sneak Peek]

Staten Island has never felt so wronged.

What's with the plaid jert, Vinny? First it was the purple pants, then the nerd glasses and Chucks combo at MTV's "I Just Want My Pants Backpremiere party, and now it's...this? Have you shunned your homeland of wifebeaters soiled with marinara stains for the hipster-infested borough of Brooklyn, where 90-dollar "vintage" T-shirts abound? And where's your obligatory "Jersey Shore" bling? Deserter!

In this sneak peek of Thursday night's episode, Vin Vurkel's buddies dole out a brutal ribbing for his urban cowboy/J. Crew club look. But the guy doesn't budge--he's totally secure with making his way to Karma sporting Keds. The problem is, no one wants to stand next to him. If this keeps up, dude might have to be stripped of his "guido" title and asked to trail 10 feet behind at all times.

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