Trending: #CrabsAreHere

For season upon season of "Jersey Shore," the "CABS ARE HERE!" battle cry has echoed throughout million of viewers' homes. But all it took for this catchy one-liner to finally see a revision was a quick trip to a local fishing dock, and though the gang was wildly unsuccessful getting its hands on marine life, #CrabsAreHere was born.

As soon as Vinny dropped a spiny creature on Mike's bare torso, Twitter became captivated by the nautical adventures of the show's eight guidos and guidettes. From Snooki and Deena's struggle with an angry sea to Jenni catching Ron with her reel, the fishing excursion gave fans substance for a social media frenzy. Here are some of our favorite remarks from last night's overwhelming Twitter trend.

"I'm about to use protection on my tweets if #crabsarehere is trending." -- @FluentDiction

"I'm going to have to remember to shout #crabsarehere really loudly next time I go crabbing." -- @LauraElizabeth

"Never thought @ItsTheSituation would ever be disappointed that he didn't catch any crabs! #crabsarehere" -- @JaylynWhitaker

"I read the trending topic "#CrabsAreHere" In Pauly D's voice." -- @DubbleJord

"When all the grumpies walk into the office tomorrow I'm gonna shout #CrabsAreHere and see what happens." -- @CorpWorldProblems

"@DJPaulyD -- The dock is the best day of my life on Jersey Shore!! #yeahbuddy #crabsarehere" -- @JaydeMariie

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