JWOWW Suspects Pauly's Stalker Has A Chain Saw [Sneak Peek]

Pauly D's "Jersey Shore" stalker seemed pretty harmless when she first started hanging around. Sure, her shy demeanor and constant dead stare reminded us a little of the prom scene in  "Carrie," but we certainly didn't think Vanessa had it in her to do something criminal. Then again, we never asked to see what was in her bag.

In the below sneak peek of tonight's all-new episode,  the always ballsy JWOWW confronts Pauly's obsessed fan to find out what makes her tick besides a nice stiff blowout. Awkward doesn't begin to describe the tone of the conversation, especially when it begins to take the direction of a bag search. Protective of her worshiped housemate, Jenni asks to see what Vanessa's hauling. While she responds that it's simply a blanket, the mystery is far from solved. "I think the blanket is wrapped around something heavy," Jen tells the show's cameras. "It's either Pauly's hair or a chain saw." See for yourself:

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