Cara Maria Says She Never Wanted To Live With Abram [Video]

Cara Maria and Abram have had a difficult time remaining civil while on the "Challenge" (they barely stepped foot in the Dominican Republic before getting into their first explosive fight), but it's clear there's a lot of chemistry there. During tonight's episode of "Exes," she looked her boyfriend right in the eyes and asked him to move in with her in Boston, something he'd been hoping to do for quite some time. Part of the reason they fought so much was because Abram felt Cara Maria wasn't ready to commit to him fully, so it was beautiful to see how happy her invitation made him...until later, when she essentially took back the offer altogether.

In a clip from this week's "Ex-ual Tension," Cara Maria says the only reason she invited Abram to move in with her was to appease him, a tactic she thought would help them get along--and perform--better in the challenges; she wasn't actually prepared for him to relocate. Be sure to watch the second clip as well, because Ty can't stop laughing at how absurd their dynamic is. "This relationship is just the funniest thing I've ever heard before," he says.

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