RIP, Lola...The Osbournes' Pukey Pet Has Passed Away

Long before Kelly was a member of the "Fashion Police" and Sharon dealt her two cents to daytime TV audiences, The Osbournes were a run-of-the-mill family with a legendary rock star at the helm. Ozzy, the girls and Jack weren't necessarily people persons--Sharon once threw whole hams over the fence at tennis-playing neighbors--but they always had an army of pets by their sides for solace. Sadly, one of the show's most beloved dogs (and notorious pukers), Lola, has passed away.

Jack recently alerted the Twitterverse to the death of his bulldog, and fans of the gone-but-not-forgotten MTV series reached out to offer comfort to the once-afroed father-to-be. We, too, Jack, are so sorry for your loss. We'll never forget Lola's admiration of Ozzy's burrito obsession and her contempt for that decorative wooden dog with a detachable jaw near the front door, and we'll cherish the memory of every last bit of stomach bile she left on that expensive throw rug in the TV room. Sigh...

+ Do you remember Lola's run on "The Osbournes"? Light a candle, share your favorite memory of the pooch and take a look at some precious moments she shared with her loving family below.

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Photo courtesy of @MrJackO