Where Are Kailyn And Jo At Now? Watch The 'Reunion' Sneak Peek

When we last spoke to Kailyn months ago at the "Teen Mom 2 After Show" taping, she voiced her frustration over Jo's choice to remain single rather than try to make their relationship work. She said she felt "used" and led on by her baby's father after they shared an intimate night together, and she was unsure of where they currently stood. Unfortunately, that's pretty much still the case for the young parents.

In the below sneak peek of the series' reunion special, Dr. Drew grills Jo and Kailyn about their current relationship status and is met with an awkward pause followed by an "It's complicated." Kailyn attempts to sort out her own confusion by asking Jo what he wants, to which he responds, "I know exactly what I want. I just want to continue living my life, and like I've been telling you, if things happen they happen." Glad that's all cleared up.

The former couple also reveals that there was more than one hookup between them in the past year. Does Jordan know about this? Take a look at the clip to hear more of the story and tune in for Part 1 of the reunion Tuesday, Feb. 21, at 10/9c.

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