Camila Goes Bananas Over Johnny's Cold Shoulder [Sneak Peek]

And suddenly, the once-shocking "Real World: San Diego" "Frankout" feels merely like a bad day at the office. Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce: The "Cameltdown."

The Challengers return home from a night at the bar in this sneak peek of Wednesday's all-new episode of "Exes," and a drunken Camila aims to get her partner Johnny's attention by hiding out in his bed. When Ty and Paula explain to her that Johnny would prefer to be left alone for the time being, and that she'd been irritating him, the feisty Brazilian absolutely loses it. Houseplants are torn to shreds and chairs are overturned. Not since Jasmine's Cancun spat with Jonna have so many home furnishings cowered in fear. Furthermore, Camila proves freakouts should always be accompanied by shirts with sleeves, or at least straps.

+ Check out the clip below to see the reigning Power Couple fall apart at the seams. Think they'll be able to recover from the mania?

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