JWOWW's Slutastic Dress Thingie: Hot Or Not?

Is it a bikini, or a dress? We're not quite sure of its technical fashion sex industry term, but we'd say the slinky whatchamacallit JWOWW donned for Roger all of America during tonight's "Jersey Shore" is a mixture of both (a dressikini?). And it was hardly a shock by now to see the woman who masterminded gravity-defying swimsuits strutting around in an article of clothing purchased at a place called Love Shack. She's got a rich history of causing doubletakes.

Jenni certainly succeeded in her plan to give Roger TWO reasons not to ever ditch her, yet did the sexy outfit cause more trouble than it was worth? Her man did, after all, look as if he was about to slaughter a sticky-fingered clubgoer right as the episode ended. Plus, doesn't the bombshell ever feel uncomfortable leaving the house half naked? That's what Kenny Santucci felt compelled to ask during our latest "Jersey Shore Hook-Up," and the answer was a simple "no." In fact, her only worry about dancing in her so-called "Sunday's Best" is that she might "get bumped into or something, and something will be exposed, but then ya just gotta tape it back on and keep it moving." Besides, that's what pasties are for.

+ Check out the below clip from the "Hook-Up" to hear more from Jenni and her co-stars about her taste in clothing, then take the poll and vote whether or not you appreciated tonight's special ensemble.

JWOWW's bikini dress: Hot or Not?

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