Kenny Santucci Offers A Creative Cure For Snooki's UTI [Video]

After the Chef Boyar-Meatballs finished baking an apology cake for Danny during tonight's episode of "Jersey Shore," Snooki took a time-out from the kitchen to address her womanly problem in the bathroom. The culprit, of course, was that same pesky UTI she's been dealing with all summer, but we were beside ourselves when Snooks revealed that this was her 10th infection in the past year! Girlfriend needs to put down the pickles and start sucking on some cranberry supplements.

During her trip to the clinic, the physician handed her a prescription for antibiotics, and she left with firm orders to limit her boozing to just one alcoholic beverage per night, which she then completely ignored. In the below clip from this week's "Jersey Shore Hook-Up," host Kenny Santucci puts Snooki on the spot and asks--quite boldly, we might add--why she gets so many friggin' UTIs. "Ear sex," she jokingly (or maybe not) responds, before explaining that neglecting her postcoital scrub-downs is the real cause. That, and the fact that she really likes her alcohol, which blocks the medicine's effectiveness. "You should've taken some of the booze and just poured it right on the UTI," Dr. Santucci suggests. Watch the video to see if she considers his advice.

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