Chelsea Heads Toward Her 20s With Renewed Confidence [Bonus Scene]

For the first half of this season's "Teen Mom 2," it truly seemed as though Chelsea's progress in life was at a standstill. She reinjured her knee, was forced to spend a lot of time off her feet and was just generally stuck in an unproductive rut. But something finally clicked, and she found the drive to get back on track. The aspiring hairstylist enrolled in a GED prep program and passed the first test, and even got a job at a local tanning salon.

In this bonus scene from the finale, Chelsea proudly sits down with her friend Erika to update her on all of the exciting news. The young mom finally feels good about herself and is relieved to be moving in a positive direction. While it looked like Chelsea was leaning toward getting back with Adam at the end of the episode, we hope that doesn't sidetrack her from completing all of her goals.

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