That's What You Said...About Leroy And Naomi's 'Challenge' Potential

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Though Leroy made a strong showing for rookies everywhere on "Rivals," he and Naomi just couldn't take out monsters Emily and Ty in the most recent "Exes" Dome. And when Team Yellow sang its swan song and finally headed for home, fans had a lot to say about the elimination--some wondering if the two ever truly had a shot at winning.

Many viewers blamed the duo's pink slip-receipt on Naomi and her need for Leroy to stay celibate. Others thought Leroy was just as responsible for the loss, as he didn't earn a single point in the "Mental Connection" competition. Either way, it was clear that chemistry was missing from the get-go for the team, and ultimately, Leomi paid the price.

Here's what fans on Remote Control and Facebook had to say about their early departure:

Remote Control:

"Even though Leroy is a beast and owned Wes, his partner Naomi was not good at all. I don't think there is one guy who could be paired up with Naomi and win the 'Challenge.'" -- BTW3006

"I can't imagine how Leroy must have felt knowing he had to take her crap if he wanted to win this competition. I was laughing as they walked into The Dome--she was trying so hard to hold his hand and he was having none of it!" -- Fawn

"I find it so funny how controlled he is by Naomi. I think he secretly likes it." -- Just Me


"If they hadn't gone against Emily (Xena, Warrior Princess) I think they would have won. I think that was the only team that could and did beat them." -- Jessica B.

"Leroy was doomed from the start. When you are paired with a weak partner, the stronger player can only carry the team so far." -- Tracey S.

"Naomi for sure was holding Leroy back! But at least the elimination round was fair, because if it was physical, Naomi wouldn't have had a chance in hell--at least this way she was able to have a fair shot!" -- Shillah M.

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