Mark's Worried Robin Could Kill His 'Challenge' Chances [Sneak Peek]

When Mark and Robin first met on "Battle of the Sexes 2," Robin was a solid competitor who only missed the final mission by inches. Years later, she's still pulling her "Exes" weight as far as challenges are concerned, but her former boyfriend is worried the way she relates to her fellow competitors could kill the pair's chance at first place.

The house has an animal-themed party planned in this sneak peek of Wednesday's all-new episode, and the better part of a safari finds its way to the living room. Paula's a lioness, Cara Maria's a zebra and Robin is a...vampire. Bananas is quick to point out the absurdity of her costume, and Mark laments his partner's awkward social game. Even Jasmine, who's busy stretching her limbs across the kitchen table, looks perfectly normal by comparison.

+ Check out the clip below for the merging of wildlife and the undead, and tell us if you think Robin will be her team's undoing.

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