Hit The High Seas With Deena This Fall!

Now that Deena's taught us how to travel by plane and by car, it's only fair that she give the high seas a dose of Blast-in-a-Glass goodness. The "Jersey Shore" meatball will headline a Bermuda cruise in September, and you (yes, YOU) can be the Captain to her Tennille, so long as you promise not to be "an annoying."

"Cruise with Deena Nicole" will disembark from Cape Liberty, N.J. (where else?) on Sept. 16 and head southward to King's Wharf, Bermuda. The eight-day voyage will feature a private Rum Party with D, traditional island food tasting and the promise of a nonstop party. Most important, the trip includes exclusive dance lessons with the guidette, and if the Jersey Turnpike is on the agenda, we can't imagine a better way of spending the first few days of fall.

+ Would you sail the ocean blue with Deena? Make sure to reserve your spot now, or may you suffer the boredom of another liner's shuffleboard tournament.

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Photo: Josh Kessler