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Summer jobs can be a drag, particularly when it's a beautiful day along the "Jersey Shore" and there's a boardwalk lousy with bars just steps outside of the workplace. So when pressing T-shirts and peddling booty shorts at the Shore Store didn't seem worthwhile for Deena and Snooki, the meatballs zigzagged through sales racks, slipped out into the beach crowd and headed for the part-time employment hills. And poor Pauly, the shift's lone workhorse, was left to fend off his stalker by himself.

A small part of us cheered the meatballs on, and it seemed social media was in their corner, as well, as the pair's blatant retail defiance drummed up a Twitter trend that would have driven smoke out of Danny's ears. Whether "Shore" fans were shocked by the boss's likeness to an early social media maven or reminded of their own employment experiences, a ton had something to say about the Shore Store, and here are our favorite related tweets from last night:

"I've been in the Shore Store, and the racks aren't tall. And @Snooki and @DeenaNicoleMTV didn't even reach the height of them. #JerseyShore" -- @TeamDeenaMTV

"Why does the manager from the Shore Store look like Tom from Myspace?" -- @_Cangri

"Shore Store > Lakers and Celtics." -- @JamesMcGowan3

"Wish I could just walk out of Nana's Ice Cream and go to a bar, like Deena and Snooki walk out of the Shore Store..." -- @CarrrliesWorld

"#Lamefact--I got my white booty shorts with G. Baby put on the back from the Shore Store lol #JerseyShore." -- @NoneButtaGThing

"I'm living at the Jersey Shore. And working at the Shore Store. I'll be tan all the time. #whatagreatlife." -- @Court_Nayee

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