Facebook Fans Give Leah And Corey Advice On Their Pending Divorce

During the most recent episode of "Teen Mom 2," it was clear that Corey felt as though he had nothing left to put into his marriage. After Leah fessed up to cheating on him just days before their wedding, he disconnected and ignored almost all of her calls and texts. Believing that her husband had already hired a lawyer, Leah went to meet with an attorney of her own, where she made the decision to file for a divorce. Following the episode, fans jumped on Facebook to offer the couple advice and sympathy. Here's a sprinkling of the comments some of them left:

"Leah, you are a great mother, and you are young. You told him and that's what matters, you didn't deny it...you got cold feet. It's OK, it happens. At least you were not married when you did it, and you felt bad. Keep doing your thing... Corey and you are good people and parents." -- Whitney

"I would tell them that you cannot go out and cheat every time there is a rough patch. That's why Corey didn't forgive you. This is your second offense against him." -- Jen

"If I were face to face with Leah, first I would APPLAUD her parenting skills. She has done a wonderful job with those girls. Having a baby when you're young isn't easy; having two must be downright awful at times. She has pushed to get help for Ali, sees to her therapy, is always playing with them and taking them places. You HAVE to do what is in the best interest of your kids, which would have meant getting the girls a better place to live. If their communication had been better, perhaps they would still be together... but who's to say? " -- Jennifer

"Leah, I think you should have talked it through before getting divorced. I don't think that you were right for each other, but it would have been easier on you and the girls. It takes a long time, but you can forgive and rebuild trust if you really love each other." -- Leanna

"I think it's the best thing for you to get a divorce cause you know you're still young and need to focus on yourself. Learn to love yourself before having love for another person. You need to focus on what's wrong with your lil' girl and just be friends and work things out." -- Ashlee

+ What do you think of everyone's insight? Sound off in the comments and tell us what kind of advice you'd give Leah if she came to you for help.

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