'Pants' Poll: Does Jason Need To Forget About Jane?

Sure, we get it. You fridge-banged a super hot girl and she stole your favorite skinny jeans, but at what point do you forget about the chick who fake-numbered you and didn't respond to your Missed Connections ad, and just chalk it up as a loss the reason you found your favorite Thai restaurant?

During tonight's episode of "I Just Want My Pants Back," it seemed as though young Jason was finally making some good decisions that might help him forget about Jane. He walked out of his dead-end job after his boss asked him to shine the loo for a sixth time, then turned around and scored a cool interview at an indie label called Crackin Records. But when the Brooklynite sat down for the face-to-face, he bolted out of the office because he thought he spotted Jane walking down the hallway, ultimately taking himself out of the running.

+ Is it time for Jason to man up and forget about Jane, or is chasing after the girl worth risking it all? Take the poll and weigh in!

Does Jason need to forget about Jane?

  • Yes, he's wasting his time.
  • No way, now he knows where she works!

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