Wes Is Our 'Caged' Winner Of The Week!

It was not easy to crown a winner for this week's episode of "Caged." Daniel broke up with Brittani and developed stress-related shingles, which meant he had to bow out of his fight, Danger was consumed with the aftermath of running Karate Mafia into chaos and poor Wes went down in the octagon on his son's first birthday. With all of these unfortunate turns, it's tempting to name adorable birthday boy Jaxon this week's champ, but here's why we actually decided to give his papa the edge.

He Didn't Fight With Red

Wes and Red didn't see eye to eye on how to celebrate their son's first bash. Red wanted to have a party on Jax's birthday, but since Wes had a match scheduled in New Orleans that day, he decided to hold a separate event for his son. While it would have been nice for Jax to have both parents together, at least they were able to resolve their differences calmly.

He Miraculously Cut Weight

Meeting weight requirements is an important part of cage fighting, and Wes must have been panicked to see that he was still 6 pounds above his weigh-in limit upon arriving in New Orleans. Even though he was exhausted from flying in from a business trip, he hopped on the treadmill in a sweat suit without complaint. He didn't give up until he sweated off every last pound.

He Honored His Son

Unlike Daniel and Danger, Wes works a full-time job to support himself and Jaxon, so he doesn't have a lot of time to focus on his training. So while he gave a valiant effort in the cage against a formidable opponent, he ended up losing the match and breaking his four-game winning streak. After the fight, he delivered a nice speech, wishing his son a happy birthday. He may have been disappointed to lose the fight, but he felt like a winner knowing he could go home to spend time with his kid.

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