Deena Envisions The Holidays At Her Brother-In-Law, Mike's [Video]

As an upstanding member of Team Meatball and Snooki's ineffable partner-in-crime, to say that Deena has her girl's back is a wild understatement. The "Jersey Shore" twins laugh, fall and, together, piss off Danny by ditching work multiple times in the same shift, so it's no surprise that they share a similar distaste for Mike's ongoing antics, many of which revolve around bringing down Snooki.

But tonight, when the house caught word that Mike's older brother and Deena's older sister were seeing each other (or "smashing and dashing," as Mike put it), things got too close for comfort. Deena didn't even really like Sitch, so the idea that he could ostensibly wind up Scotch-taped to her family tree was hard to swallow.

In a clip from tonight's "Jersey Shore Hook-Up," the fellow housemates say that joking about the possibility of merging the Sorrentino and Cortese families actually brought them closer. "He'd wake me up like, 'Yo sis, I got you a bacon, egg and cheese,'" Deena shares. Didn't they try to make out before? That's some seriously messy incest right there.

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