With Red Out, Wes Gets A New Roommate [Sneak Peek]

Now that Red and Wes have called it quits as a couple, and Red has put a different roof over her head, Jaxon's father got a little lonely in that big, bad bachelor pad. Until John Wesley, the newest "Caged" champion, showed up and agreed to split the rent with his backyard-sparring friend.

Bags are dropped and boxes are unpacked in this sneak peek of Monday's all-new episode. The most recent tenant to Wes' complex wastes no time asking his friend about how things are going with Red, or if Wes plans on having any girls over. Hard worker Wes says that at 23 he has all the youthful vitality of a 40-year-old and can't stomach the thought of another girl wanting to stay up and chat until the early morning. But he'd rather be tired and autonomous than back at his grandparents' house, he says. Or worse, with Red again, who he lovingly refers to as "Satan."

+ Take a look at the clip below for a glimpse into "Two's Company," and tell us if you think Wes is sincere about being sick of chatty girls, or if he's just not over Red.

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