'Jersey Shore' Poll: Did JWOWW Have A Reason To Be Upset?

O Roger, Roger, wherefore art thou Roger? (Any Shakespeare fans here?) Surely that must have been what Jenni was thinking.

The "Jersey Shore" castie was visibly annoyed with her boyfriend's phone-gone-missing story, but she really flipped her lid when he called later on to say that he was running behind for their date, leaving the (un)happy couple just 90 minutes to hand-hold. Tired of playing second fiddle barbell, JWOWW called him out on his continued bull and slammed down the duck receiver. All she ever wanted was for Roger to take a day off from work so they could be together, and to find out that he used a personal day to mourn the loss of his cell, not to mention postpone their date, nearly brought out her inner praying mantis.

In the end, Jenni caved and apologized to Roger for her 'tude, but do you think she had a reason to be pissed? Take the poll, then check out a clip from this week's "Jersey Shore Hook-Up," where her roommates sound off on what went down. Mike says that Jenni and Roger had plans to hang out on the beach, but after he spotted Roger on the boardwalk with his boys, his roommate just lost it. "I would have been so upset," Deena adds.

Did Jenni have a reason to be so pissed?

  • No, she needs to loosen up.
  • Heck yeah, Roger totally avoided her.

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