'Exes' Poll: Were Naomi And Leroy Doomed From The Start?

Poor Team Leomi. After taking down King Wes last week and essentially becoming the in-house heroes for doing so (at least according to the population of people that thought Wes was the devil), they faced their doom during tonight's episode of "Exes." Leroy and his partner performed the worst during the Mental Connection challenge and earned a first-class ticket to The Dome, where Emily and Ty yanked on a rubber band long enough to come out victorious.

Whether it was a lack of overall athletic ability or evidence of a casual sex affair gone wrong, Team Leomi was sent home prematurely. In a clip from tonight's "Ex-ual Tension," Leroy finally gets a chance to vent about his departure. He says he felt like the motivational speaker all the time and really wished Naomi could have brought some enthusiasm and optimism to the Dominican Republic. "You're as good as your girl is," he comments, clearly frustrated.

+ Watch the video, then let us know if you think Leomi were doomed from the start, or if you were expecting them to do well, Naomi's death grip aside?


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