Cara Maria Spills The Dirt On CT's Personal Love Life [Video]

While CT and Diem have yet to really sit down and have a traditional heart-to-heart, they've (and by "they" we really do mean mostly "Diem") certainly asked their "Challenge" buddies for a little ear time. During tonight's episode of "Exes," Abram, a competitor grappling with the reality of his own messy love saga, found himself completely enthralled by Diem's story. That was, until she told Abram why she and CT split up in the first place.

In the clip from tonight's "Ex-ual Tension," Cara Maria chuckled when she heard that Diem's romance woes made Abram cry (he's such a feeler), but what's more interesting is the inside scoop CM had. Coming into "Exes," CT had a girlfriend back home, and evidently Cara Maria was one of the few people that knew. She and CT went to the same gym in Boston, and dude specifically asked her to keep that information away from Diem. Wonder if that's because he still had feelings for her?

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