Corey Needed Time To Think About Filing For Divorce [Bonus Scene]

After only six months of marriage, Leah and Corey felt as though they'd hit a point of no return in their relationship. During the most recent episode of "Teen Mom 2," the saddened father of two confronted his wife about infidelity rumors, and Leah fessed up--she had cheated on Corey just days before their wedding. They were both distraught after the conversation, but Corey, clearly hurt from the betrayal, disconnected completely.

In the bonus scene below, Corey goes to meet with a lawyer to discuss his options. "I don't feel like trying no more," he says when the divorce attorney asks if this is really something he wants to pursue. He decides to wait a day and talk divorce and custody possibilities through with Leah, but as we saw in the episode, she made the decision for the both of them and filed.

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