Win The Hearts Of Snooki, Vinny Or Pauly This Valentine's Day!

Being single on Valentine's Day 2012 doesn't have to mean you'll be alone. So towel off those Liz Lemon-worthy, self-pitying Dorito fingers and listen up: Pauly D, Snooki and Vinny want to be yours, only yours and forever yours on February 14. Your "Jersey Shore" love connection awaits.

Thanks to our good friends at ACT, we found out Snooki--who's an anti-cyberbullying activist--is planning on sending a giant bouquet of roses to a fan who's committed to do-gooding. The guidette will choose one tweeter who spells out a cause he or she supports and send said love of her life a dozen of the flowers and a signed copy of "Confessions of a Guidette." Just make sure not to tell Jionni.

If you're looking for a more intimate affair, the boys have got it covered. Pauly D is offering a Facebook fan the chance to meet him before a set at NYC club Pacha and wear the title of the blowout's official Valentine. Seekers of the DJ's undying love need only submit a virtual flyer that explains why they deserve PD's heart, and the one that impresses him most will do just that. Keep in mind, though--putting a single hand on the guy's chain is a surefire way to kill the romance. Have some decorum on the day of love.

Across a bridge into Long Island, good ol' Vin is offering his heart to a girl who makes it to his viewing party at Aura this Thursday. And maybe a copy of his new book to accompany, if she should be so lucky. The date will surely deal her some amount of anxiety with which she'll need Vin's advice to cope.

So remember: Flying solo is no excuse to weep on your pull-out futon next Tuesday night. Get your self-matchmaking ass in gear and enter!

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