'Challenge' Poll: Should Leroy Hook Up And Risk His Life?

Leroy has already proven himself as a "Challenge" big man--he took out Wes twice in The Dome and continues to evade death, which is something his controlling teammate Naomi keeps threatening him with. She's made it clear--both during MTV.com pre-season interviews and throughout each episode--that if Leroy gets busy with anyone but her, she'll come after everyone. It's unfortunate, cuz it's fairly obvs that the dude has some stress he would love to relieve, and what better way...

We caught Leroy grinding up on Aneesa last week, and even though nothing happened between them, peeping Tom Naomi was not happy with what she saw. Do you think our man should allow Naomi to stop him from getting some loving, or should he just hook up with a newbie and take the chance? Take the poll and sound off in the comments!

Should Leroy hook up with someone else?

  • Yes
  • No

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