JWOWW And Snooki Go Old-School Italian In 'Spartacus' Clip [Video]

Watch your back, Kirk Douglas. Snooki and JWOWW have just gone Roman Empire on your ass--"Jersey Shore" style.

The two BFFs recently filmed their own adaptation of a scene from an upcoming "Spartacus: Vengeance" episode for TVLine.com, and while we're not totally sure what it says about the uprising against the Republic, it's as entertaining as a box seat in Circus Maximus. "Do not attempt to twist f****** words to advantage," JWOWW/Illithyia warns Snooki/Lucretia before dealing her a toga-twisting bitch slap. Ladies, ladies: Save it for the Colosseum (like, when it's constructed in the coming century).

Where will the story go, and how will it end (and...what is the story, exactly)? We'll let you decide, but if the eventual rising of the slaves is half as trying as Snooki's long walk home from Karma, the ladies are surely in for some trouble. Check out the clip below for acting that might stop a tried and true gladiator in his tracks.

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